Mount Mytikas Climb and Mouson Plateau in Olympus Mountains

Sunset in Olympus mountains.

3-day hut to hut traverse through Olympus mountain with ascent of the highest peak of Greece - Mount Mytikas, 2917m and an overnight at the remarkable Mouson plateau.


This hiking trip will take you to the highest mountains in Greece - Olympus Mountains. Famous as the residence of the ancient gods of Greek Mythology, taking this adventure can be considered a mythical climb :). Beyond the rich historical background, Olympus mountains are also rich in biodiversity and offer unique rocky landscape, preserved by Olympus National Park.

Mount Mytikas, the highest peak of Olympus Mountains in Greece, rises at 2917 metres above sea level, which makes it the highest peak in Greece and also the second highest on the Balkan peninsula. After Musala peak(2925м) in Bulgaria. However, we can easily agree that this is the most exciting and thrilling peak to ascend in our part of Europe.

The proximity of Olympus mountain to the sea gives an extra taste to the climb as you can enjoy stunning sunrises over the sea surface. To enjoy this to the fullest our program goes for three 3 days and after the climb of mount Mytikas, our tour takes us to Apostolidis hut at Mouson plateau for our second overnight. Apostolidis hut is a spectacular place located at 2697m right on the ridge of the mountain. Thus we can have dinner with a burning red sunset and have breakfast with a view of the sunrise over the sea. A nice extra is the great management of the team taking care of the hut, that will always do the effort to ensure we will have tasty food and probably the best espresso above 2600m in the area.

This tour can be considered challenging due to 2 main reasons. Firstly, is the daily denivelations of around 1000m. Secondly, the last 45 minutes to Mytikas peak offer rocky terrain with several easy, but exposed, scrambling sections. The tour is not qualified as climbing, it is still the area of technical trekking, however our UIMLA certified mountain guides will take all the necessary measures to guarantee you safety. Our groups never exceed 6 people per guide and you will be equipped with a helmet and harness.





Olympus Mountains Climb Price per Person
6 pax 380 EUR
5 pax 415 EUR
4 pax 470 EUR
3 pax 560 EUR
2 pax 740 EUR
1 pax 1280 EUR

Price includes

  • mountain guide;
  • the transfers from/to Thessaloniki and back; also possible from Sofia, Bulgaria(price upon request)
  • 2 nights accommodation in the huts;
  • 2 dinners and  2 breakfasts included;
  • personal safety equipment such as helmet & harness;
  • all taxes.

Not included

  • insurance;
  • packed lunches.
  • flight tickets



    Day 1

    Meet with your guide at Thessaloniki or directly at the village of Litochoro in the foot of the mountains. 30 minutes transfer to Gortsia locality where the trail head. 3,5 hours climb through the beautiful forests of the mountain will take us to Petrostrouga Hut at 1950 m., our first accommodation in Olympus Mountains.
    Total walking for the day: 3,5 hours.

    Ascent 900m

    Day 2

    A demanding day. Early start and ascent to the Mouson Plateau at 2700m - 2,5 hours. After the second breakfast we leave some of our luggage in the hut and continue with the ascent of Mount Mytikas, which typically takes about 4-4,5 hours total. We will spend the night in a nice mountain refuge at the plateau, enjoying the view of Mount Stefani, hopefully also with a beautiful sunset and sunrise.
    Total walking for the day : 7 hours.

    Ascent 970m Descent 270m

    Day 3

    Second option to climb the peak with an early start - if the weather hasn't been good on the previous day. Descent to A Hut along the valley and finally to Prionia locality - end of the trek. Transfer to Litochoro - 30 min. It is possible to stay for a night at the seaside or go back to Thessaloniki. Total walking for the day : 4,5 hours.

    Descent 1550m


    Required equipment
    •  hiking boots, rucksack (35-45 l);
    • trekking poles;
    • water and windproof jacket;
    • rain cover;
    • sun hat;
    • sun lotion;
    • sunglasses, water bottle (1,5 litres);
    • torch;
    • personal first aid kit;
    • travel liner for the huts.
    We'll provide any other group or personal special equipment that will be required, such as rope, helmets, harnesses.



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