Terms & Conditions

  • After completing your order you`ll receive an email that your order status is ‘Pending’. When we see your order placed on our website, you`ll receive a second email stating, that we ‘Process’ your order. When we send the items to your address, you`ll receive a confirmation email – ‘Completed’.
  • The period between your purchase and completing the order is usually between 24-48h, but could be extended up to 72h in certain cases – long holidays, etc.
  • All purchased items will be sent via ordinary post and should be received in up to 6 weeks period, depending on your location. The usual delivery time is up to 14 days within Europe and up to 4-6 weeks outside Europe, but we cannot guarantee that you`ll receive the items in that time frame.
  • The shipping cost is included in the total checkout sum and you don`t have to pay anything when receiving the items.
  • We are not responsible for any delivery issues as the delivery is completed by the Bulgarian Posts and your local National Post. If there is a problem with your delivery, please contact us and we`ll do our best to resolve it.